The art of barbering is a long-standing Turkish tradition, dating back to the time of the Efes and Ottoman Empire. Now, Ted isn’t quite that old, but he is a well-travelled gent. In fact, it was while having a wander through the backstreets of Istanbul that he discovered the joys of letting a man attack him with a razor.

Understandably apprehensive, he soon relaxed when the history of their craft was explained. You see, Turkish barbering is a skill that’s handed down from generation to generation and a master barber only passes on his title (and razor) to his apprentice after many years of training – which is nice to know.

Smothered in hot towels, splashed with astringent lemon cologne and given a full face massage, Ted found the entire experience incredibly relaxing (not to mention the closest shave he’d ever had) and without a moment’s hesitation decided to bring the experience to the UK and open Ted’s Grooming Room. After all, he knew plenty of gents who like things trim and proper.

The new Ted’s Grooming Room performance-led treatment regime is infused with ingredients inspired by the ancient Ottoman Empire and has been authentically crafted to recreate the master barber experience at home.

The distinctive formulations honour the expertise of the traditional Turkish shave, using powerful, naturally active ingredients to transform the grooming ritual.


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